Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Why Are Parents So Stupid?

I love reading social media and seeing all the comments about a variety of topics regarding parenting. This parent is going to let their kid do this and this kid isn't. This parent thinks it's OK for their nine year old to have a cellphone and this one doesn't. This one thinks it's too early to have "the talk" and this one is a grandmother. It's fucking ridiculous. Who are you protecting your kids from anyway?

Other places in the world, kids know about antisemitism at four and are ducking bombs, because they are Palestinian at three. Some are even dying. There are kids in our country who see fat kids at school eating donuts and slurping down soda, but don't understand why they haven't had a meal in two days. There are kids that see dad is in jail or mom has a black eye and they figure this stuff out.  So why do parents in suburbia think their kids can stay so pure?

Everyone knows the average kid in the suburbs spends half their lives on the phone or computer, so if they want to find something out, they will.  Oh, you don't want your kid to stay out too late, because it's dangerous? For whom? It's your friend's kid selling or doing the drugs and you have no idea sitting and having cocktails all fucking day at the pool, then driving home, so why is it dangerous? Oh my kid can't read this book, because it has dirty words, sex and violence in it.  Yeah, well look in the mirror at the people in their lives, look at their backgrounds and ask yourself who the real demons are.

I think parents have lost touch with reality. You know what everyone's greatest fear in life is? Being Googled, because in today's world, anything that happens stays on record. Sure, you might have beaten that murder rap or rape charge, but the reality is, that people can still find this stuff out and with comment sections and the tiniest bit of digging, people can find the true story. This is also why adults on Facebook and Twitter really need to watch where they cast their stones, because a little computer savvy and the right connections and your skeletons might be making a Walking Dead appearance on social media.

Let's protect our kids from real evils like racism, prejudice and illiteracy.  Let's make sure they accept people's differences, realize we don't all believe in the same god, if any at all and that education is important. Let's teach them right and wrong and not just our definition, but reality's definition.  Let's show them through our actions and our convictions how to live and learn. I know more people who think they are doing the right thing by their families, but don't even seem to realize the person they need to protect them from the most, is the person protecting them from living.

#100DaysOfHopper Day 57

Day 57: There is nothing I get a bigger kick out of than people thinking their Facebook persona isn't really them and that people don't know the real them if they are basing it on status updates. When people come up to me and say "Hey, you're the opinionated, liberal-minded, insomniac jackass who thinks he knows good food, likes to party too much and is having problems with his landlord. Oh yeah, you also like to call everyone on their shit, but more often than not throw your own ass under the bus from time to time, aren't you?" i say, you missed "Die Hard Sox & Broncos fan, musically insane, honest to a fault, terminally lazy and suffering from more aches than you can imagine." They go, "hey, nice to meet you....please don't write anything about me you dick!" Then I tell them I can't make any promises and inevitably write about them without them realizing it's about them.

So here's the deal all you caped crusaders; what you put down for the world to see is you. If 90% of your posts are about your job sucking, we assume your job not only sucks, but the misery it causes is spilling over into your social world. been there, done that, it's nothing to be ashamed of. If you value materialistic things more than peace of mind, you'll continue down this path, develop stress related disorders and eventually die young from some ailment you didn't see coming. Don't worry, none of your misery laden Facebook posts will be included in your eulogy. We'll do what we always do and forget that you were an alcoholic womanizer and talk about the great dad you were.

Listen, if you go to an event and you post every six seconds and complain about everyone around you, we're assuming you're not there to see the band or the team, but to let people know that your life isn't as sad as it seems online. Sure we're completely tricked by your smiling selfie, but your obsession with getting a picture of the fat fan singing the wrong words or sleeping at the game, tells us you're really not that into the same thing the other observers are there for. And when there are more posts about the commute to and from the arena than those retelling of your experience, please spare us the philosophical babble about it being about the journey. We all know you'r(e) not that bright anyway,

I know more about people's real self from Facebook than I do from real life. When I sit and listen to someone call another every name in the book and then two hours later see that they are best friends, hanging out at some random meat market on a "girl's night," I know more than any words in person can express. If I spent five years hearing about someones despicable behavior and see you arm and arm with the caption "best person ever," please save me the explanation when we run into each other.

There are people out there and here who truly do not like me, because I have no problem calling people on their shit. In return, I expect nothing less from them and let me tell you, it's liberating to have someone say some of the shit a few of you have thrown my way. I take it personally and it makes me better, whether it's positive or negative, as long as it's true.

So for all you people who think this Facebooking is silly and doesn't matter, I suggest you go back and delete the five straight days of boss bashing, husband hating and magnificent friend MF'ing, because people read it. As I told you once before, a complete stranger made an education diagnosis of my life a while back and she was on the money. She hit a bulls eye and said that my negativity over a given weekend had changed her view of me and she wanted to distance herself from having to see it, because she liked the person she knew and wanted to keep it that way. We parted ways, but still comment on each others tweets from time to time and their is no animosity. You know why? Because she based her feelings on the only thing she knew and that's what I chose to share. And she was right. #100DaysOfHopper

Monday, July 21, 2014

#100DaysOfHopper Day 55-56

Day 55: Never put off what you must do, but never choose what you need to do before doing what you want to do. If you are ever granted the opportunity to do that which makes you happy, regardless of whether or not it means delaying what needs to be done, grab that opportunity. Some will use the excuse that they are suffering now so they may enjoy the fruits of their labor at a later date. Now is guaranteed, later is not. Happy Sunday. Enjoy! #100DaysOfHopper

Day 56: Water parks, theme parks, specialized camps depending on the sport or fad of the moment. Beachfront condos, oceanside resorts or gated communities. Instructors, teachers and so-caller directors. By plane, by boat & sometimes a limo. This is what constitutes a "normal" childhood summer these days.

I wouldn't trade what I looked forward to for anything in the world. Sure, I went away and we did the vacation thing. Bacon and eggs, antiquing, hikes, museums, swimming in the lake and a game of catch. Dinners, sunsets and falling asleep to the tales of Robin Hood and his merry band. Fun, but nothing compared to what we all really looked forward to on those hot summer days.

Out the door at 8am and didn't return til 6pm. All day, every day, unless it rained. Then, and only then, it was off to the movies and a slice at Queen. How childhood expectations have changed. #100DaysOfHopper

Free Writing - Take 46

Lately, I've strayed from the format of giving myself a time limit on these.  So tonight, I'm giving myself exactly three minutes and then I'm stopping...no matter what or where I am.

The last three weeks has been spent in deep reflection. Relaxed and soothed by good food, great company and more sleep than I'm used to, I've been able to free my mind of what ails me, but the reality is that it is only multiplying. There may be changes on the horizon. Monumental changes in regards to my life, but they aren't all the changes I want. There is a realization that loneliness and depression are going to increase and that terrifies me, being that I'm not in the right place emotionally to take on that burden. That being said, I have my family and I have a minute group of friends, especially one, who has been there. I am excited about moving on, but I greatly fear it may be two steps back or more, before that step forward is taken.  I am also conceding victory and for me that pain is real. It's not in my nature. There is no battle to lose to win a war. This is a lost battle and a lost war. I just hope it leads to a rebuilding of some....time

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Things That Are True No Matter How Much You Hate It

Here are some some lame, some obvious, some startling and some things you all should know to be facts that most don't. The first two are strictly my very strong opinion....the rest are facts that can be confirmed by research.

It is becoming very hard to support Israel while it continues bombing Gaza.

The state of American television & radio is the worst it has ever been.
One in four Americans believes the sun revolves around the earth.

Quinoia's popularity is decimating farmers and the environment in Peru and Bolivia.

Pretend the number of Facebook friends are the US's population. Divide that by six and imagine six of your friends going to bed hungry every night. That is the state of hunger in the US.

Since World War II, the national debt has risen by 4.8% per year under Democrats and 8.2% under Republicans.

The average 16.9oz bottle of water sold in America is 2000x the cost of the same amount of tap water and twice as much as a gallon of gasoline.

Obesity has risen steadily by state nearly every year since 2005. Facebook started in 2004.

And finally,

Statistically speaking, Derek Jeter has been 85% effective (based on his career averages) over the last 20% of his career. Sorry, had to.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

#100DaysOfHopper Day 54

Day 54: Do some people just completely ignore their friend's posts? Complaining about a minor problem that happens to you once in a blue moon, that others struggle with every day of their lives, isn't only nonsensical, but somewhat inconsiderate and selfish. #100DaysOfHopper

Day 54: When I was a kid, the best pizzeria in Brooklyn was right next door to an X-rated movie theater. The place had posters everywhere and the titles were raunchy as one would expect. Romancing the Bone was my favorite as a teen. Nobody thought twice about this being offensive, because it wasn't anything odd or unnatural. Today parents go ape shit if their kids see a pair of boobs on screen. Which probably leads to their kids having odd thoughts about the opposite sex and leads to fears and misconceptions, which in turn leads, most likely to sexual dysfunction and misogyny. We all know what that can turn into.

When our generation was younger we played with fire crackers, lawn darts and sneaked into parks, pools and lakes to go swimming. Sure at times we crossed the line, but there was never malice in our actions. Today, kids are so repressed that when "forced" to go outside, they end up in trouble. It seems to me that this new wonderful style of parenting, where you know where your child is at every second and you know everything about their lives is hindering not only their independence, but their creativity. Kids all dress alike, talk alike and act alike. I see it in my friend's kids and I see it in the children I work with. Individuality is being so suppressed that kids hate being themselves in every way, for fear that they will become social outcasts. It is so bad that even their parents, regardless of their denial, all seem to dress alike, talk alike and act alike. They pretend to like the same things as their neighbors, for fear of rejection. Gossip and bullying doesn't only happen between children.

When did the world become so afraid of being itself. I'd much rather spend an evening talking to individuals with varying thoughts and ideals than a group that shares the same feelings, true or portrayed. I might be a know it all, but I do know kids and sometimes not being the parent is as valuable as "knowing my kid." My parents knew me and many of our parents did and that knowledge was never shown more in what they didn't try to control as much as, if not more than, what they did. #100DaysOfHopper

Friday, July 18, 2014


You ever want to write something, because you really can't put into words what you're going through? I wrote one blog about my apartment and deleted it, because I worry my words of anger might come back to haunt me. I wrote another about a situation I'm feeling that I deleted as not to anger someone I care about. Yet another was deleted as not to embarrass or compromise my relationship with someone. Lastly, I deleted a fourth, because it didn't seem fair to air my dirty laundry about things, I may in fact have a huge role in, but seem blinded by my own frustration.

I am very open as anyone who has read this or actually knows me will tell, but the last few months have generated such negative emotions within me, about people I care about, that I'm at a loss for words. Something that has been a rare occurrence over the years. I'm not looking for sympathy, empathy, apathy or any other word ending with the letter "Y," but I am looking for a break. A break from bad luck, bad decisions, bad friends, bad attitudes and bad business. I'm looking for one bright star in a gloomy night.That is all I want right now. A reminder of good things, better times and hope.

I also want to add that I want to thank the very few who have reached out. It means the world to me. Especially since they aren't the ones I expected and they are the ones with more on their plate than I. Thank you.